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Triumph Tiger 900 family
Motorcycles Triumph Motorcycles 25th Apr 2024

Real rider questions answered directly by Triumph - everything you wanted to know about the new Tiger 900 Range.


Q: What’s new to the Range?

A: More performance, more capability, more comfort, and more attitude.

Q: How much does the new Range weigh?

A: The new Tiger 900 range starts off from just 219Kg, fully fuelled and ready to ride.

Q: What is the power of the new Range?

A: The new Range has 108PS, which is an increase of 13PS compared to the previous generation. While keeping all the bottom end character and tractability of the T-Plane triple.


Q: Is the new range bigger than the previous Range?

A: The physical size and the engine capacity are the same as the previous generation.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro off Road


Q: What is the seat height options for the new models?

A: All the new Tiger 900 models feature an adjustable seat height. The GT’s seat height ranges from 820-840mm and the Rally Pro has a range of 860-880mm. You can add an additional accessory from our accessory range that further reduces the seat height by 20mm.

Q: Are there any more add on features for the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro compared to the old Tiger 900 Rally Pro?

A: In addition to all the improvements across the 2024 Tiger 900 Range, there is also a larger and more protective aluminium sump guard.

Q: Can you use the same luggage rack and luggage from the previous Range?

A: Yes! The luggage options and mounting arrangements are the same as the previous generation.


Tiger 900

With the easy-to-use configuration page for each Tiger, creating your perfect bike couldn’t be simpler. All Genuine Triumph Accessories are designed by the same team behind the bike, and carry the same two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, so you can rest assured of the fit and quality of every part.

Triumph Tiger 900 Family accessories
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