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Tyre selector

Your tyres are fundamental to your motorbike’s performance so, if you’re looking for a replacement, our tyre selector guide is your first step.

Triumph Bonneville motorcycle tyre and wheel


As a rider, you’ll know that not all tyres are the same. Being the only part of a bike that is in contact with the ground during your ride, having the right tyres makes a huge difference to your ride by optimising grip which improves braking, steering, and your overall safety.

We recommend specific tyres for each Triumph motorcycle not as an afterthought, but because your bike has been designed, built, and tested with specific tyres to help you achieve the perfect ride.  Make sure you’re riding on the right tyres by checking our Tyre Selector Guide.

These results are provided AS AN INDICATION and, BEFORE purchasing the tyres, BE SURE TO CONSULT a Triumph dealer in order to check the technical and legal constraints that may be an obstacle to the replacement proposed.


Getting the most from your perfect ride.

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