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TIGER 1200



The 1200 XC and XR line-up is a major milestone in the Tiger's amazing 80-year bloodline, with the very highest standard technology ever featured on a Tiger, all designed to deliver the most epic, exciting, characterful and capable motorcycles we’ve ever made.


Tiger 1200 TFT

Tiger 1200 Technology

The Tiger 1200 range delivers the absolute pinnacle in Tiger capability; in fact, no other Tigers have ever boasted this level of state-of-the-art technology. 

The result is a ride with signature features and core technology that offers an incredibly responsive adventure bike that you can take off-road with total confidence, while maximising your enjoyment on the road too.

The Tiger 1200 XR and XC line-up are purpose-built to enhance your ride to the maximum, and deliver superior comfort, capability and control.


Tiger 1200 XC technology 

A host of technology advances on the 1200 XC range opens up a world of exciting off-road riding experiences to be discovered, conquered, and tamed. So when you’re ready to leave the everyday behind, you’ll find your perfect partner within the Tiger 1200 XC line-up.

Tiger 1200 XR technology

The endlessly capable, innovative and feature-packed Tiger 1200 XR line-up makes any journey feel epic yet effortless. When you want a road ride that's smooth and commanding, with plenty of technology for thrilling explorations off the beaten track, the 1200 XR range is a perfect choice.



The Tiger 1200 range is packed with more advanced technology than any other Triumph range ever before, with exciting rider-focused features that include: Adaptive cornering lighting that delivers enhanced visibility and confidence when cornering. Adjustable full-colour TFT instruments for at-a-glance info during your ride.  Ride-by-wire throttle with up to 6 riding modes to suit every type of environment and riding style, including: ‘Road’, 'Rain', 'Off-road', ‘Sport’, ‘Rider-configurable’ and an ‘Off-Road Pro’ riding mode for a much more advanced off-road set-up, with ABS and traction control turned off.  Illuminated backlit switchcubes and 5-way joystick optimised for easy fingertip control; so it's now easier to access information, particularly when you're riding, and backlit for improved night time visibility. Triumph Shift Assist for seamless up and down gear changes without the use of the clutch. Keyless ignition enhances ease of use and security. All-LED signature lighting for enhanced daytime and night-time visibility with an LED main headlight, tail light, indicators, Daytime Running Lights (DRL*), and auxiliary lights.


Angle-adjustable TFT display screen with clear and intuitive menus that give riders quick access, through ergonomic switchcubes, to the state-of-the-art, rider-focused technology available from the bike’s on-board computer.

Up to six different easy-to-read screen display styles, with pre-set layouts that the rider can change, even on the move.  The integrated ambient light sensor automatically  ensures the clearest possible presentation of information in all weather and light conditions.

CORE Technology

The Tiger 1200s' exceptional core technology includes: Triumph Semi Active Suspension (TSAS) which allows the rider to electronically control the level of ride with automatic front and rear suspension damping and automatically adapted pre-load settings, for rider size and payload. Optimised cornering ABS which adapts the level of ABS automatically to maintain the optimum braking, whatever the lean angle. Optimised cornering Traction Control automatically adapting the level of control whatever the lean angle. Hill Hold which prevents the bike rolling backwards when setting off on a steep incline. Electronically adjustable screen for greater comfort and aero protection. Cruise control enhanced for easier and more intuitive use on the move. Heated grips with a new more intuitive button on the grip, Heated rider and pillion seats with independent controls for rider and pillion. USB & 12v power sockets to charge up your devices on the move or fit additional technology accessories.



Your adventure riding is all set to become even more epic.