Riders Association of Triumph

Riding a Triumph is like riding no other motorcycle. Through R.A.T. we aim to find great riding experiences that stimulate the senses - brilliant roads, stunning scenery, and of course, the company of like-minded individuals.

You automatically qualify for R.A.T registration when you buy a Triumph and in addition to the access this provides to fantastic events, R.A.T membership guarantees you for a years' complimentary subscription to the official Triumph magazine. You can get a taste of the magazine, here.

What's more, don't forget that every year Dealer-run R.A.T. packs organise and attend a varied programme of local, national and international events. Details of the biggest can be found in the events section of this website.

Please click here to visit R.A.T Website

Get registered for the 2014 RAT Raid! The form link is posted below.

It is panning out to be a great Raid with a Vintage theme.

Please note that the cost includes Friday accommodation as it is easier for the committee to make the bookings. AND we are staying at a different venue on Saturday so make sure you book that one!

Questions? Post them on this site or email us at vintage.raid@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing your regos in the post or in our inbox.

Click Here to download pdf form